The special situations investment company for real assets 



Argenthal is entrepreneurial at its core. We take investment and operational risks within the verticals where we have significant expertise. Unlike many other investment firms, we invest in the transformation and growth of all assets within our portfolio.


Our approach to finance is driven by creativity and innovation. We pioneer new approaches to financing deals. Argenthal remains agile by focusing on mid-cap companies in crucial and dynamic sectors, essential to the growth of the economy.


The world of finance is often disconnected from the real world. We choose to focus on real assets, grounded in the real economy. We invest in land and resources essential to the modern, high-tech age, in bricks and stones that are the foundation of society. Last, but not least, we invest in human intelligence that will shape the world of tomorrow.


Life as it should be

Argenthal is defined by an approach aiming at experiencing life as it should be in every dimension

Argenthal is a company defined by its strong values of Entrepreneurship, a Pioneering Spirit and a Down to Earth approach to doing business