18 rue de l'Opéra, Aix en Provence, 13100 France

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Promoting entrepreneurship is at the heart of Argenthal's philosophy. Most investment firms simply provide financing without investing in asset transformation. Our vocation is to be an entrepreneurial and operating investor. The whole Group is structured around operational engagement and entrepreneurial risk-taking.


Our conception of finance is guided by the concern about creativity and innovation. It is a question of maintaining our pioneering and conquering spirit, of rejecting financial bureaucracy and any fixed approach, leaning on our fundamentals to draw the course. Argenthal intends to invest mainly in the agile and innovative mid-cap companies, essential to the dynamic growth of the economy.


The world of finance is often too distant from the real world. We make the choice to be the enterprise of real assets, attached to the real economy. We care about fundamental values, we invest in the land and its resources, essential to our high-tech age, in bricks, in stones and heritage – the roots of our societies – and last but not least, in human intelligence, in the age of digital assets that shape the world of tomorrow.




Argenthal is a company defined by its strong values of Entrepreneurship, a Pioneering Spirit and a Down to Earth approach to doing business