Rubedo supports the development of technology and industrial companies in the sectors of high-tech metals, infrastructure IT and innovative software that have a positive societal and environmental impact.


 An investment company focused on advanced technological materials and real assets, Alkemia was created in November 2019 by a European consortium of private, institutional and industrial investors, of which Argenthal Limited is the General Partner.
This structure targets investment opportunities related to special situations in the financial services, technology and real asset sectors.
Alkemia aims to consolidate real assets in "special" situations on a global scale


Bucéphale, a consulting firm founded in 2013, forms the consulting structure of the Argenthal Group dedicated to improving operational and financial performance of the Group's companies.

It is in this dimension that Argenthal’s concept of “operating investor” takes on its full meaning.

Bucephale's expertise and strong experience in improving the operational margin of companies becomes an asset and a tool in Argenthal's asset acquisition strategy as well as in the development of its assets.


A leader in the blockchain industry, Bitfury is a multidisciplinary technology company with high growth potential, founded in 2011.

Bitfury's business activities are divided into industrial infrastructure development (high-performance computing and crypto industry) and software solutions.

Bitfury and Argenthal join forces to develop innovative financial services.