18 rue de l'Opéra, Aix en Provence, 13100 France

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Argenthal Compagnie Financière de Méditerranée is committed to a process of of social responsibility in its governance and in all of its activities investor-operator. Based on the affirmation of entrepreneurial values and on an ethic of responsibility, Argenthal puts into practice transparent rules of good practice. governance and bases its performance on recruiting and retaining talent. In In its operations, Argenthal integrates sustainable development criteria based on the following criteria an analysis of the risks and in particular of environmental, social and environmental requirements. good governance. In addition, through its corporate philanthropy activities and its foundation, Argenthal intends to promote culture, education and medical research.

Sponsorship activities

Argenthal's entire philosophy is about hard work and work that makes sense. In all our approaches, we are concerned with the enhancement of heritage and participation in well-being as well as contributing to the common good. Therefore, we attach utmost importance to our sponsorship activities.

In 2019, Argenthal has contributed to two causes:

-        A heritage cause, by financially supporting the renovation of the Albertas gardens, the 17th century gardens located in the heart of Provence.

-        A medical cause: by contributing to the financing of cardiac surgery for children in underprivileged countries on the occasion of the prestigious Heart Foundation gala.

The Argenthal Foundation

Starting in 2020, the Argenthal Group intends to launch its foundation to organise its sponsorship activities in a lasting manner around major themes, the promotion of science and culture, education, health and the environment.

This Foundation will be sufficiently equipped to launch projects under the control of a supervisory board.

Among the first actions the Foundation is expected to launch as early as 2020:

-        Supporting cancer treatment research,

-        Supporting education through merit scholarships,

-        Supporting learning of mathematics,

-        Preservation of heritage.